Walker Financial - Investment Management

Walker Financial creates a private, individualized asset management account for you. The firm designs, implements, and manages your portfolio based on your specific needs and goals.

The first step is getting to know you. The advisor identifies your goals and objectives, past investment experience, risk tolerance level, and overall financial position by reviewing existing holdings, cash flows, and tax position.

Following this analysis you receive a personalized recommendation for appropriate asset allocation as well as specific investment advice. Portfolios are individually designed and customized to meet your needs. Existing holdings are analyzed in the design process. Initial recommendations are discussed with you and agreed upon prior to any action being taken. A written investment policy statement is developed, specifying allocation guidelines (i.e. maximum % to equity investments) and noting constraints you would like to impose.

All accounts are registered under your name and held at Schwab Institutional a division of Charles Schwab Co., Inc.

You pay management fees based on an annual percentage of assets managed. Walker Financial management feesare calculated and paid quarterly in advance. The firm endeavors to minimize your investment costs.

Our Services


You get personalized services and objective advice from a seasoned fee-only fiduciary advisor.


Objective advice from a CFP® practitioner offered on an hourly or flat fee basis.


Walker Financial Advisors also does business as California 457 Benefits (CA 457), which provides plan administration, investment advice, and employee services.